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When we start to think about the role of our feet, we might be quickly dismissive of the marvels attached at the end of our legs. Our feet carry us for some 10,000 steps each day, activating, loading and propelling us through life.

Anatomically speaking, each foot is a complex structure of 26 bones with a network of ligaments and other soft tissue helping to make 33 joints. There are 20 muscles in each foot (intrinsic) and another 13 that start above the ankle (extrinsic) that all need to activate and FUNCTION at the right time to allow our bodies to PERFORM.


Functional Feet Anatomy


Now for a little test: can you lift your big toe off the ground? You must keep the ball of your foot and your other toes on the floor. Could you do it? Not as easy as you thought?

FUCNTIONAL FEET are feet that utilise each of the 33 muscles to attenuate impact forces from the ground, readying the body for propulsion. Societal influences such as footwear, force some of these muscles and joints to be become less efficient causing other structures to overload. This is one factor that can contribute to injury!

By teaching our feet to become ‘FUNCTIONAL’ we are laying the foundation to reduce risk of injury and allowing our body to perform at a higher level.

When you tried to lift your big toe off the ground earlier, you were using a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic muscles to do so. Maybe it was difficult due to weakness? Maybe the joint is rigid? Or, maybe you haven’t had to activate that neural pathway for some time and you need to remember which muscles need to turn on?
Do YOU want to unlock the POTENTIAL of your feet? Every pair of feet has potential, no matter how old or how damaged. If we have an injury or a weakness in our body, we work hard to fix it and our feet should be no different.

Feet. That. Function. It’s that simple. Allow us to boost your performance in life!

Our podiatrists are qualified to assess, diagnose and provide you with a comprehensive strength and conditioning program to help you achieve the fullest potential of your feet!

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