Sports & Biomechanics

Lower limb biomechanical assessment involves identifying the specific anatomical structure in question and finding the underlying risk factors contributing to injury.

Video Treadmill Gait Analysis

We use the latest biomechanical software and coaching apps to identify specific function anomalies both walking and running. These biomechanical inefficiencies can contribute to many  overuse conditions and are often easily identifiable and correctable.

The ability to play back and slow down segments of your gait videos allows the most accurate understanding of the foot position during each phase of the gait cycle. When we understand how you foot is positioned at initial consult, ‘foot flat’ and through propulsion we can tailor a management plan to YOU.

3D Foot Scanning

3D foot scanning is the latest in cutting edge technology for orthotic prescription. The Up and Running Podiatry Ddelcam scanner uses five cameras to produce a three dimensional image of a foot to ensure greatest accuracy and intimate orthotic fit.