Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics improve the overall functions of your feet and lower legs by optimising the efficiency of your walking or running gait. They can also be used to reduce the force being applied to a particular foot/ ankle structure to allow time for the tissue to heal.

Up and Running Podiatrists can use orthotics as part of your overall management plan to decrease pain and help you move and feel better!

Orthotics can also reduce the risk of future problems and can decrease the rate of joint and tendon damage.

Custom Made Orthotics

All feet function differently and your orthotics need to have the specific support and control for your foot type. The best way to ensure this is via custom-made foot orthoses.

To customise the fit, feel and function or your orthotics we take 3D scans of your feet to ensure the most intimate support of your arch. We can then select the type of material needed dependent on:

The amount of force required to achieve an efficient foot position your chosen activity the duration and severity of your pain the footwear you will be using them in your height, age and weight.

We use one of Melbourne’s premier orthotics laboratories to ensure the highest quality foot orthotics that do the job for longer.

Semi-Custom & Prefabricated Orthotics

Up and Running Podiatry also has a large range of semi-custom and prefabricated (over the counter) foot orthotics ready to go in each clinic.

Semi-custom orthotics are made from a tracing of your foot so our orthotics lab can match the specific width and length. There are four options to choose from to get the closest fit to your foot.

Prefabricated orthotics are a generic shape, size and level of correction. They offer a convenient fit and last approximately 12 months. They can be a great short to medium term option, depending on your pain and symptom presentation.

Cycling Orthotics

Custom made cycling orthotics are made from carbon fibre to maximise stiffness and minimize weight. They reduce in-shoe pronation (rolling in) during the pedal stroke. This reduces frontal plane movement/ rotation at the knee to ensure more efficient hip and knee joint extension.

Cycling orthotics can not only reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries but they can improve power output, maximising speed and performance.

Our podiatrist have a background in cycling and triathlon and not only prescribed orthotics but also use them every day in their own training.