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There is no shortage of brands, shapes and designs when it comes to performance running socks. Being the resident long distance plodder I was tasked with the responsibility of finding the best fit for the patients of our clinics.

A bit of background. I have run several half marathons and two full marathons. As a result, I have tried everything on my feet from k-mart bought cotton sports socks to the high end ‘technical’ running socks with price tags to match. The options are endless and I’m here to narrow your focus and possibly lend a gentle hug just like a good sock does to your foot.

Put simply, those that spend more time on their feet are prone to blisters. From this, performance running socks were born. (For more information on blister prevention see  BLISTER MANAGEMENT 101

steigen-socksA good sock is one that reduces friction and moisture to prevent blisters… but where to start?

Participating in the Melbourne Marathon festival again this year I eagerly awaited the virtual event show bag. Being a podiatrist I gravitated to all things feet and what caught my eye was the bright colours and different lengths of the ‘Steigen’ performance socks. We always tell our patients it’s not about colour, rather function… but let’s be honest, if something looks good we’ll wear it!

I went to the event expo on the Friday night to collect my race bib and wandered down to the Steigen tent. Mesmerised by all the colours it wasn’t long before one of the staff members kindly offered to help. I played it cool not declaring my background as a podiatrist because I was generally interested in what he had to say. To summarise- Steigen socks work off the principle less is more!

– A thin lightweight material for breathability and moisture transfer.
– High pressure areas are reinforced with a second layer under the heel and at the toes.
– 20% ‘Italian’ Lycra enables a more conformed fit through the arch to prevent pockets of air forming
– Four different lengths are offered for individual preference.

and most importantly…

Not only are they extremely comfortable (road tested at two half marathons in the last month with not a single blister!) but they are one of the cheapest options available. At $18.95 per pair or three for $50 at Up and Running Podiatry, we can’t recommend them highly enough. Gone are the days of spending $30 + on your socks when we can keep it local, support an Australian based company and avoid admitting the pain of de feet.