Why Run Coaching?

Our team of dedicated podiatrists work vigorously to ensure you can recover from injury and learn how to move and feel better. However, what we know from scientific research is that being out of pain doesn’t always equal complete tissue healing…

Up to 80% of runners will sustain injury, and the 2 most common causes of running injury are being completely new to running, or returning to running from an extended break. Why? Well, more often than not it’s due to poor application of load intensity (i.e. volume, terrain and pace) i.e. “too much, too soon”.

We often hear stories of runners who rehab an injury only to return to the same training errors that caused them to become injured in the first place! Our team of podiatrists work closely to re-educate our clients how to avoid these training errors, but who’s there to guide you beyond your rehab?

Enter our Run Coach, Dion Finocchario. We’ve partnered with experienced coach and professional runner Dion to ensure all of our client’s training can be properly guided. This includes a training group, unlimited correspondence and individualised support!

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