Run Group

Port Melbourne Run Group

What’s the deal? All Up and Running clients are invited to join the “Go Run” Group which is aimed at beginner and intermediate runners. Don’t worry about holding anyone up, the sessions are created so that everyone gets a great workout and nobody is left behind. The aim is to meet new running buddies, have a bit of fun and improve our running. Each session varies but they are mostly between 5km and 7km in total.

Where? Tuesday @ The Tan (Reminder: Meet at the bench on the top side of the tan, next to
the Herbarium and Ian Potter Childrens Foundation Gardens.)

Wednesday @ Port Melbourne Yacht Club, Melbourne (End of Bay St. near the beach)

When? Tuesdays @6pm, Wednesdays @ 6:15pm

Cost? $10 per session.

If you think that Chris can help you on your running journey, get in touch with him by email:

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