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Welcome to Up & Running Podiatry in Elsternwick, your destination for comprehensive foot care. Our clinic is dedicated to treating a broad spectrum of foot and lower limb conditions, from routine care to complex cases.

With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on holistic treatment, we ensure all Elsternwick residents and beyond receive top-tier podiatric care.

Why Choose Our Elsternwick Podiatrist Clinic?

Up & Running in Elsternwick stands out for its athlete-centric approach to podiatry. Our team, skilled in treating sports injuries and common foot ailments, combines clinical excellence with a personalised touch.

We understand the critical role your feet play in overall health and wellbeing, regardless of your activity level, and are dedicated to ensuring your comfort and recovery.

Our Podiatry Services

We offer a wide array of services tailored to meet your specific needs. From custom orthotics designed for optimal foot function to comprehensive sports injury management, our Elsternwick clinic is equipped to handle it all. We specialise in:

  • Running assessments for performance optimization
  • Treatment for skin and nail disorders, including corns, calluses, and plantar warts
  • Advanced care for foot & ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, and more

Meet Our Podiatry Experts in Elsternwick

Our team in Elsternwick is composed of experienced podiatrists who bring a unique blend of professional expertise and personal athletic experience. They are dedicated to offering a holistic approach to foot care, ensuring that each treatment plan is as individual as the patients themselves.

Patient Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied podiatry patients in Elsternwick about their experiences and success stories. Our clinic is proud to have a high rate of positive reviews, reflecting our commitment to excellence in podiatric care.


Come Visit Our Elsternwick Clinic

Located at Rear 4/402 Glen Huntly Road, our clinic is easily accessible by car and public transport, with ample parking available. We invite you to book an appointment and discover why Up & Running is the preferred choice for podiatric care in Elsternwick.

Elsternwick Clinic Hours

  • Mon 11-7pm
  • Tues 11-7pm
  • Wed 9-6pm
  • Thurs 8-5:30pm
  • Fri 8-4pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during my first visit to Up & Running Podiatry in Elsternwick?

During your initial visit to our Elsternwick clinic, expect a comprehensive assessment by our skilled podiatrists. We’ll review your medical history, discuss any current foot or lower limb issues, and understand your health goals. An accurate diagnosis of your condition will be made, followed by a detailed explanation of the most effective treatment options. You will receive a personalized management plan designed to meet your specific needs and recovery timeline.

Can Up & Running Podiatry in Elsternwick help with sports-related foot injuries?

Absolutely! Our Elsternwick clinic specializes in sports podiatry, offering expert care for various sports-related foot and lower limb injuries. Our approach includes cutting-edge treatments like orthotic therapy and shockwave therapy. We focus on not just healing the injury but also on prevention strategies to ensure you can return to your sport safely and effectively.

Do I need a referral to book an appointment at Up & Running Podiatry in Elsternwick?

No referral is necessary to book an appointment at our Elsternwick clinic. You can easily schedule a visit through our online booking system or by contacting us directly. We welcome all individuals seeking comprehensive foot care, from routine check-ups to specific foot or lower limb conditions.

Does Up & Running Podiatry in Elsternwick offer custom orthotic solutions?

Yes, our Elsternwick clinic provides custom-made orthotics tailored to your unique needs. Our podiatrists perform in-depth assessments to craft orthotics that offer optimal support and improve foot function. These custom solutions are effective in treating a variety of foot and lower limb conditions, enhancing your overall foot health and comfort.

Are treatments at Up & Running Podiatry in Elsternwick covered by insurance?

Many treatments at our Elsternwick clinic are eligible for coverage under various health insurance plans. We recommend consulting with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of your podiatry coverage. Our staff can assist with the necessary documentation for your insurance claims, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for you.

Podiatry Education & Tips

Stay informed and proactive about your foot health with our range of educational resources and tips. Visit our blog for insightful articles and advice on maintaining optimal foot health.