Telehealth Appointments

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What exactly is telehealth?

Telehealth is an online video-based consultation that connects you with our expert sports podiatrists. Telehealth allows our practitioners to diagnose, treat and manage your condition and injury from the comfort of your home. All of our sports podiatrists are uniquely trained to provide the service and will support you through the simple and easy to use platform.

Why telehealth?

Telehealth enables us to reach you in the comfort of your home and continue your care as an alternative to coming into the clinic.

Providing consistent and thorough care is important to achieve results and telehealth is a great option when you are…

  • unable to leave the house
  • way on a holiday or a business trip
  • too busy to come into the clinic due to work
  • living rurally or interstate
  • or, if you’d prefer the consultation to be carried out via video rather than face-to-face.

Research shows telehealth consultations have been shown to be the same, if not better, than in-person care.

Is telehealth a temporary or permanent service for Up and Running?

Telehealth is here to stay at Up and Running Podiatry and will provide us with more flexibility conducting appointments outside of the clinic. However, it will NOT replace all face-to-face appointments.

Just like with any new service, we will constantly be refining and developing telehealth in order to suit the needs of our patients. We will keep you updated with any new information or changes made.

How do I book a telehealth appointment and what do I need to do prior to the appointment?

It’s easy! All you need handy is an iphone or laptop with a camera and internet connection.

Follow this procedure:

  • Go online to our online bookings ( and secure a “Telehealth” appointment time with a practitioner of your choice.
  • Our practitioners will then share a link to your video call via email and to ensure the process runs smoothly.
  • Click the link to download the software in advance and join the meeting at the time of your appointment with video and audio connectivity.

We then deliver our expertise on your presenting problem, email you your individual management plan and compliment it with online learning resources and videos. Bring along your current runners, footwear or any accompanying programs or questions to the appointment!

What can you help with over telehealth?

Most musculoskeletal injuries can be treated and managed through a telehealth consult, without the need for hand-on care.

Common problems we provide solutions include:

  • Any active foot pain
  • Diagnosis and education of ankle and foot pain
  • Running injuries and education
  • Orthotic and footwear reviews
  • Lower limb strength and mobility exercises
  • Education on taping techniques and self-care

Following the telehealth consultation we will send you an individual management plan that summarises what was discussed. We will also include relevant exercise handouts and links/ online resources.

What are the costs involved for telehealth appointments?

For existing patients who have attended our clinics before, review telehealth consults are $60 and for initial/ new patients the cost is $80.

Payments can be made prior to the consultation by credit card over the phone or by direct bank transfers. Telehealth can also be bulk billed for patients with a VALID EPC referral from your GP.

For more information about the Medicare Benefits Scheme, visit:

If you would like to have more information about telehealth, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 185 335!