Functional Feet

Let us help you with your feet

Functional Feet is unique to Up and Running Podiatry and breaks with the traditional podiatry profession to focus on strength and conditioning for weak or inefficient foot types. While we do still use them clinically, we are trying to encourage patients to have less reliance on supportive footwear and orthotics. The muscles in your feet can be trained and strengthened and that’s what we’re out to do!

Do you or have you worn orthotics?

Have you ever been provided with a plan to get out of them should you chose to? That’s what making feet more functional is all about! The average person takes around 10,000 steps per day. That’s 5000 repetitive movements per foot and if we’re placing the foot on the ground incorrectly that’s a lot of damage we can do to not only our feet, but our knees, hips and backs. You wouldn’t go into the gym and try to lift a weight repetitively with incorrect technique would you? Well.. our feet are no different!

Sure in cases of foot deformity or when we need to offload a particular structure, orthotics may be appropriate. But if we could give you the tools to be able to improve yourself without bracing or supports wouldn’t you prefer that?

Our initial consultation is 90 minutes long and covers an extensive biomechanical assessment up to the hip. We test your strength, range of movement and co-ordination and then provided a video gait analysis at both running and walking speed. We then start to tailor an exercise program focusing on FOOT STRENGTH that is specific to you!

We recommend three review consultations to guide you through each of our progressive exercises over a 6 week period to start getting you more functional!

Please see below for how this program may best suit your individual needs.

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