Morton’s Neuroma

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Morton’s interdigital neuroma is a swelling or irritation of a nerve usually between the third and fourth metatarsals of the foot. It can often be associated with intermetatarsal bursitis, which may also cause compression of the nerve.


Patients may describe a burning pain that extends from the forefoot to the toes. There may also be associated pins and needles or numbness. Symptoms are generally made worse with the use of tight shoes.

Excessive foot pronation can contribute to hypermobility of the metatarsal heads and impingement of the nerve. Tight shoes and stiletto heels also increase the load applied to the forefoot and compression of the nerve.

Initial treatment includes icing and avoiding the use of tight and occlusive footwear. Padding applied to the metatarsals can help to spread the load and redistribute pressure across the forefoot. In chronic cases injections of local anesthetic and cortisone may be used in conjunction with padding. The use of foot orthotics is often very important if excessive foot pronation is identified by your podiatrist as a likely cause.